Kenny Kunene and Whitney are excited about their daughter's birth.
Image: Instagram/ Kenny Kunene
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Kenny Kunene announced the birth of their baby girl, Reemona through a heartfelt post that showed gratitude  to his wife, Nonkululeko Whitney. 

Kenny and Whitney welcomed Baby Remo their first child together in May 2017 - just months after their traditional wedding.

Then late last year they revealed that Baby Remo was getting a sibling. 

Kenny started the post by thanking Whitney for braving labour pains again, and said he was grateful to have witnessed both Remo and Reemona's births. 

He went on to thank his queen for believing in him and their love. 

"Thank you MaRemo for believing in me n our love when most reduced me to a love drop out, thank you for sacrificing everything to be my wife and the mother of my kids even those from my previous marriage.

"The birth of Reemona last Saturday,  January 5, 2019 is  further confirmation of our commitment to each other and our family. I love you with all my heart and soul. I thank God and our ancestors for the healthy newborn and also for your excellent health before, during and after delivery." 

Kenny's friend also shared picture of them at hospital. 

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