Trevor Noah has been using Julius Malema in his jokes.
Image: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage (Trevor Noah) & Alaister Russell/The Sunday Times (Julius Malema)
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Trevor Noah has once again made headlines for slamming Julius Malema, the latest of several comments the SA-born comedian has made about the EFF leader over the years.

A video of Trevor referring to Julius as a "popular anti-establishment politician" and highlighting several moments from the leader's career on The Daily Show went viral over the weekend. The Daily Show clip appeared to have been later deleted off the show's feed. 

One of the clips used by the show was from an interview where Malema spoke about killing white people.

“Julius Malema talks about genocide like he’s remodelling his kitchen,” said Noah in response to the clip.

Trevor's comments divided opinions on social media with some claiming the comedian had 'sold out', while others applauded his comments.

In response, EFF's Floyd Shivambu took to social media to call Trevor a “puppet of establishment".

But it is not the first time that Trevor has used the EFF as the butt of his jokes or compared Julius to US president Donald Trump.

"What would my comedy career be without you"

While Trevor's mentions were flooded after winning his first Emmy in 2017, the comedian responded to the EFF's congratulatory message by asking what his comedy career would be without them.

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"Uncontrollable" Julius

A year earlier, Trevor namedropped Julius in a conversation with eNCA's Jeremy Maggs about Trump and "uncontrollable" politicians who could cause damage.

He said he came from a country where politicians are "uncontrollable".

"You put them in the right position, you get them in the right place, and you realise that controlling them is not something that is manageable. There were people who thought they could control Julius Malema. There were people who thought they could control Jacob Zuma. But you come to realise that when you put the wrong man in the right place he can do the utmost damage."

Julius' lofty promises and populism

In an interview with Wanted in 2017, Trevor compared Julius and Zuma to Trump.

He said Trump was "like a hybrid of Julius and Zuma".

"Julius in his lofty promises and populism, and then Zuma in his murky dealings with the business world... It’s a type of leader that is very familiar to us."


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