Papgeld, hosted by Dr Malinga, is one of the shows critics have slammed.
Image: Dr Malinga Instagram
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Popular entertainment channel Moja Love has defended its shows amid criticism that it is creating content that makes a mockery of black people and uses them for entertainment.

As the channel scored another big hit this weekend with the premiere of Zodwa Wabantu's reality show and a Cheaters-like reality show called Uyajola, it was accused by some on social media of mocking and perpetuating stereotypes of black people as cheats and absent fathers.

Critics also pointed to its slate of reality programs such as Papgeld that deals with maintenence struggles and Rea Tsotella, which deals with conflict resolution in a Jerry Springer-type environment.

Moja Love's head of production Bokani Moyo, told Metro FM's DJ Fresh that they were just showing the reality of life in SA.

"We are showing uncomfortable truth. It is true that we live in a time, or society, where households are headed by women and the fathers of these children are nowhere to be found, or are not in the picture for whatever reason."

Bokani said that it was time for men to reflect on where they had gone wrong and why so many were happy to have children but not look after them.

She said that the channel started creating content around positive news stories but soon realised that "life is not all roses" and it is time to get real and put the spotlight on real issues affecting SA.

Meanwhile, others have applauded the channel for telling stories others were scared to tell.

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