J'Something said he's learned to be fearless with his dreams.
Image: Gallo Images / Sunday Times / John Liebenberg
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While Mi Casa's J'Something may be one of the most celebrated artists in Mzansi, it has taken him quite some time to convince his fan base that he's a "wannabe chef with a plan" but he's admitted that the foreign YouTube territory that he's entered has reminded him of the hardships of starting from square one.

J'Something recently launched a channel on YouTube, named Something's Cooking TV.

One would have assumed that upon launching his channel, fans would flock to see him do his thing as he attempts to cement the term chef in his resume, but it has been more of a steady climb.

"It's been awesome but it's still such a baby. I am so proud of the 400 subscribers that I have and I say that with a lot of pride because one day I will look back and say that's where I began."

J'Something also said that his "celebrity" status didn't come into play but he didn't blame fans as this was totally different (in terms of the art/expression of creativity) from the singer they've come to know and love.

"To start anything from the ground up takes a lot of money and a lot of hard work and a lot of support. If I could blanket the difficulties, I would say it's all a matter of starting something new. And, it's nowhere near what it's going to be and we need to be patient because we know where we are going and we are working hard to to get there. Yes, now, I understand how vloggers feel and I understand this world now. It's not as easy as it may look to get someone to take time and data to watch a YouTube video but with great content and consistency, I know we'll get there," J'Something said.

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Although slow, the channel following has been seeing steady growth and J'Something has been pouring his all into it. They post about 12 videos a month and the singer prides himself in the li'l unique elements of the channel, such as the original music created for the video and the local food explored.

No longer just Mi Casa's frontman, J'Something has managed to diversify his brand without diluting his essence and he's told TshisaLIVE it has required a level of fearlessness from him that took years to build.

"I can't say that I am not feeling old and I also can't say that I am feeling old. I think that things changed, I changed. I'm no longer the 21-year-old frontman for Mi Casa. However, things have changed for the best, I am more mature, I better understand the game and my sound."


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