Bishop Makamu of Endless Hope Bible Church is the host of 'Rea Tsotella'.
Image: Moja Love via Twitter
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Rea Tsotella's Bishop Makamu had his hands full on Monday night's episode of the hit reality show after Khutso's family came onto the show to hold an intervention.

The family is tired of Khutso just hanging around the house, smoking and demanding money from them without trying to look for a job.

They went on to the show to ask Bishop's help in trying to get through to him.

They claimed that bhuti is selling their chargers and took their cellphones to the scrap yard to sell.

Another family member claimed that she once had to strip down to prove to him that she didn't have money on her.

On top of that, they fear for their safety since Khutso walks around with a knife.

While there was an army of viewers ready to cancel Khutso and claim he was drowning in denial, others heard him out and thought he was a humble guy that had been caught up in a tough situation.

They sympathised with him and wondered if he would be able to get his life together.

They shared their concerns and criticism the way the internet knows best: through memes.

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