Master KG's song 'Jerusalema' stays taking the world by storm.
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Forget the long weekend, the streets are celebrating the return of Master KG's hit single Jerusalema to YouTube.

The music video was removed from the popular streaming service earlier this week.

The video had raked in more than 60 million views before it was taken down and many suspected foul play.

However, Master KG blamed it on a technical glitch and said he was working on getting the video back up.

He was true to his word and returned to Twitter on Thursday to announce the video's return.

He also took shots at those who thought it had been deleted.

“Moment of silence for those who thought Jerusalema video was deleted. By the way, the video is back,” he wrote.

The muso is on a mission to get 100 million views by the end of the year and is now sitting on more than 66.5 million.

Master KG encouraged fans to “keep it moving” towards the goal, and promised them no more hiccups.

The song has also been making huge waves overseas, now at number two on the global Shazam chart.

Fans were hella excited at the return of the song and flooded social media with memes and message.

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