US-based actress Thuso Mbedu left the TL in a mess after her comments on the ongoing protests in KwaZulu-Natal.
Image: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu
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The Underground Railroad star Thuso Mbedu left the TL both shook and impressed when she refused to back down from her comments on the ongoing protests in KwaZulu-Natal, which left some members of the TL up in arms.

It all began after the star took to Twitter in a “pray for SA” moment. This as the protest over the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma quickly went from civil protests to violent riots across KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Gauteng.

Many spoke out against the protest action, including US-based Mzansi actress Thuso. 

“South Africa is burning,” she said.

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However, the tweet - albeit simple — led to some Twitter users dragging the star.

Thuso was accused of “making up the protests” as tweeps insisted that they were not a “SA” problem but a “KZN” problem. Tweeps slammed the US-based actress for  supposedly pushing a fake narrative. 

But Thuso wasn't here for one such tweep, and fact-checked him real quick about being divisive in already troubled times. 

“And surely you’re aware that one of the systems that had apartheid thriving for as long as it did was the division of people in the same land. Remain divided and see how that works out for you,” said Thuso.

Another tweep said making it big in Hollywood and raking in the cash has made her change her tune on she feels about issues affecting SA.

Not backing down from the fight, Thuso reminded her followers she doesn't need to prove herself to anyone.

“The thing is you don’t know me and you never will. You will claim that I have changed and because I don’t know you, I feel no need to prove myself to you,” she said. 

Though she had her naysayers filling up her replies, many of Thuso's biggest supporters took to Twitter to hit back against the alleged bullying from others on the TL, leading to the star trending.

Check them out:

One of her fans reminded the star that in light of her comments, she would be feeling the heat of a disagreeing SA. However, Thuso said she is ready for the criticisms as the nation suffers.

“Let them come. Are we going to pretend that it won’t effect the rest of the country in some way, shape or form? Let them come. I’d say the very same thing if it was happening in the Western Cape, or the Free State, or the Eastern Cape kuyasha and it will effect a lot of people,” she said. 

In his address to SA on the coronavirus lockdown last night, President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke about the ongoing protests.

Ramaphosa directly addressed the violence, saying the country “will not tolerate acts of criminality”. 


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