Mohale Motaung has always shared on his social media that he was Makhadzi's number one supporter and on Wednesday he shared with the star just how proud he was of her.
Image: Ziphozonke Lushaba
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Media personality Mohale Motaung has made it public that he is the number one supporter of award-winning musician Makhadzi's music. 

On Wednesday afternoon he told her he was proud of her for keeping to her roots and singing in her own language.

The radio personality was among people who were at the OR Tambo International Airport to welcome the star with flowers after she wrapped up a month-long international tour.

“I think you are doing absolutely amazing, I’ve been your supporter and your fan since day one, and nothing has changed. I think what Open Mic is showing us in the music industry and the industry as a whole, is that it’s not dependent on the Open Mic productions on its own to make it work, you are the star making it work, and keep on going. You inspire us who sit at home and watch you sing in your language. There’s nothing as beautiful as doing that and I would like to say you must keep it up,” said Mohale.
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Makhadzi is no stranger to trolls who come for her for her looks and she was recently entangled in a messy back and forth with reality star Inno Morolong, who labelled Makhadzi's music “taxi rank music”.

With this in mind Mohale asked Makhadzi what keeps her going when she faces social media criticism.

“What keeps me going is to make sure that I don’t really take negativity seriously because the day I started praying and telling God what I want, no-one was there. I was alone talking to God, so I will never allow a human being to come and stop my journey.

“Even if there's negativity, I still go and pray and ask God if this is a test, and of course it’s a test because after every negativity all good things come to me, so it shows that only God knows where I'm going. I will never allow a human being to come and stop that journey.”

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