Thami “Dish” Kotlolo shares his side of the story after being called out as an abuse enabler.
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Thami “Dish” Kotlolo has broken his silence over claims he condoned abuse in a relationship  close to him.

This after Mohale Motaung claimed Somizi Mhlongo's former friend instructed him to return to his marital home after he allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of his estranged husband. Mohale made the claim on the Showmax Original Mohale: On the Record. 

Thami took to his social media timeline on Friday to express his dismay about not being allowed the right of reply to protect his brand against the defamatory claims, and to share his side of the story.

“While I would have facilitated a meeting between the two parties at my house following an altercation, it would have been purely for the purposes of having both parties share their side of the story from their perspective. At no point was a suggestion made by myself that Mr Moatung returns to a home or relationship where there was ongoing abuse, and he knows this. That would have been a decision he took outside my influence,” he wrote.

“As a survivor and advocate, I cannot condone abuse and violence in any situation.”

Read the full statement below:

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Speaking to TshisaLIVE following the premiere of the tell-all, Mohale said he insisted on mentioning Thami and TT Mbah because he felt they were part of the story.

“I knew I was not lying about them knowing. They were part of the story. They knew what was happening 

“It's no a lie. It's the truth,”

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