Hilary Joffe is a Business Times columnist. She has previously worked as editor-at-large for Business Day; as senior adviser at Brunswick; and as national spokesperson for Eskom.

Government launches portal for businesses affected by riots, looting

The government is starting a portal for businesses affected by the July looting mayhem. It’s to establish the extent of damage, especially to small ...

Standard Bank geared for growth

Ambitious plans to broaden its horizons unveiled ahead of ‘new cycle’

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The National Treasury is borrowing more on the market than it theoretically needs to

Green energy boost looming

Self-generation law gazetted but issues need clarification

HILARY JOFFE: Big step for energy policy, but the legislation needs better ...

It's all a bit murky and uncertain, which is not good

HILARY JOFFE: Cabinet's less glamorous posts are where rubber hits the road

The Ramaphosa reshuffle this week was driven by political positioning rather than economic reform

Anglo sets pace for rivals

Tax take from miner helped bolster government’s relief effort

HILARY JOFFE: Grants not growth — a short-term fix with long-term risks

The relief package the government has put in place in response to the unrest is not without cost

Workplace becomes Covid ‘jab-space’

Private sector is vaccinating its staff as fast as supply permits

Sasria’s R15bn may not be enough to pay unrest claims

Bankers pitching in to help those not covered by the state insurer