JONATHAN JANSEN | It's time we ditched our apartheid and tribal instincts

From Westbury in Johannesburg to Mitchells Plain in Cape Town, something troubling has been unravelling in South Africa's society.

What I want every SA matric to know

Dear Grade 12 pupils: Last week the mother of a matriculant asked me: “What do you now wish you knew when you were an 18 year old?”

JONATHAN JANSEN | Schools get a giant F for not reinforcing human values

For all that is wrong with our political transition, there is this deep sense of spirituality built on abiding values of community.

JONATHAN JANSEN: Let expelled students study – but they need to atone first

I agree with the party of Julius Malema that the students expelled from university or awaiting criminal charges in the courts should be allowed to ...

JONATHAN JANSEN: Exams too hard? That’s a pathetic excuse

It was even funnier than watching British Prime Minister Teresa May attempt a Mr Bean-like dance routine. At one of our institutions of higher ...

JONATHAN JANSEN | We all are to blame for not protecting Bongani Mayosi

A few months ago I met Professor Bongani Mayosi in his office at UCT. I had long admired this friend and fellow traveller in the tumultuous world of ...

JONATHAN JANSEN | Education: More a bulldozer than a great leveller

Anxious parents have been calling a lot recently. The child is in Grade 7 and waiting to hear from the schools s/he applied to for the first year of ...

Our filthy, dirty past: We can’t pretend we aren’t tainted by it

“I have clean hands!” exclaimed the human rights commissioner, loud enough so that everyone around the table could hear she was untainted by our ...

No‚ Zuma was not worse than Verwoerd. But you have the right to say so

For those who do not follow the Afrikaans press‚ you would have missed an interesting debate between North West University’s (NWU) political science ...

JONATHAN JANSEN | Why things never fall apart in SA

Let's list the reasons why, despite the many times we've come to the precipice, we've never toppled over it