Jonathan Jansen is an internationally renowned expert in education, who in 2009 became the first black rector and vice-chancellor of the University of the Free State. He is a regular newspaper contributor, known for his views on transformation, peaceful reconciliation and unity.

JONATHAN JANSEN | SA schools are killing fields and it is unacceptable

Schools can only become safe once the surrounding communities are safer

JONATHAN JANSEN | Get them jabbed and back on campus, for all our sakes

Higher education leaders must act quickly and decisively on vaccine mandate

JONATHAN JANSEN | ANC reprieved? Zuma freed? Don’t expect fairness in ...

SA will pay dearly for rewarding suits who reward party loyalty instead of upholding the constitution

JONATHAN JANSEN | No more empty promises about Babita. SA wants the ‘real ...

Six men have been arrested for whistle-blower Babita Deokaran’s murder, but the true evil lies with those who hired them

JONATHAN JANSEN | Ignore the anti-vax brigade and focus on the vax hesitant

Not enough is being done to accelerate vaccinations, the spinoff from which will bring some of the unvaxxed on board

JONATHAN JANSEN | Cancelling schools’ October break isn’t only cruel, it’s ...

As it ignores the real problems faced by SA schooling, the government’s crackpot idea will only make things worse

JONATHAN JANSEN | The medal for SA’s poor turn at the Olympics goes to the ANC

The party has had 27 years to get its house in order, but it will always find something else to blame for its failures

JONATHAN JANSEN | Covid-19 has robbed SA of so many human libraries of knowledge

How will we ever replace the many incredible SA educationists who were doing their best to fix a broken system?

JONATHAN JANSEN | UCT’s online school: Admirable maybe. Equal opportunity? ...

UCT deserves credit for its new online school, but let’s face it, it’s for the middle class, not the poor

JONATHAN JANSEN | Mr President, axe the ‘deplorables’ and prosecute state ...

Then, let’s all learn a lesson from the Muslims, who quietly demonstrated how to be human after last week’s mayhem