Justice Malala is an award-winning journalist, TV host, political commentator and newspaper columnist. He writes regularly for the Sunday Times and Financial Mail, among others, and is the resident political analyst for e.tv and eNews Channel Africa.

JUSTICE MALALA | Ace, Julius, dignity wasn’t on your radar before, so why now?

The reason the elites are all over rights and innocent until proven guilty is because they are in the firing line

JUSTICE MALALA | The politicos were in Senekal for one reason: to leech off ...

For AfriForum and the EFF it was not a day of protest, or of seeking solutions, but a public relations exercise

JUSTICE MALALA | Oh, how Zuma’s cartel of fools must be shaking in their ...

Ramaphosa’s judicious appointments are beginning to act, and they’re coming for the looting Zuma-ites

The high-profile arrests won SA’s heart. Don’t break it all over again

Our people have waited 12 years for this, and they are delighted. Therein lies a crucial lesson for our leaders

JUSTICE MALALA | Now power-mad Trump is the pot calling the kettle a s**thole

As world’s fiercest defender of peaceful power transfers, US looks a lot like other nations tormented by stubborn strongmen

JUSTICE MALALA | No pap for Lungisa and his corrupt ilk. They think they’re ...

He is the worst of the horrible faces of the ANC in power, stealing from the poor and living the high life

JUSTICE MALALA | ANC corruption keeps stinking up SA, and good people do nothing

The stories of corruption that spill out into the public domain daily are deeply traumatising.

JUSTICE MALALA | Covid-clueless ANC has treated us with contempt and even sadism

We’re in an unscientific, nonsensical mire where no one knows what they’re doing.

JUSTICE MALALA | The ANC and those who voted for it aren’t victims. They chose ...

The ANC and those who voted for it aren’t victims. They chose the mess SA is in

JUSTICE MALALA | The self-serving ANC shows again how it befouls Mandela’s ...

Every day the ANC dishonours Nelson Mandela and shows us it has learnt nothing from the great man.