OPINION | Dear Metro FM, #BringBackDJFresh or risk becoming the joke of SA radio

Neither Metro FM nor Fresh are talking about it, but the signs aren't good.

OPINION | Nah, Trevor! Don't use us for a laugh

Please, dude. Don't use us to make yourself look good in front of your American friends

OPINION | When will it finally be time to #Mute local artists?

SA fans were quick to #MuteRKelly, and call for local radio stations to do the same, but have been far more hesitant to do it to our own

OPINION | Celebs give back: Crisis of conscience, #HeroGoals or PR stunt?

AKA claims that it is time for sincere celebs to take a stand, and he is right.

OPINION | It is time to stop picking on celebs with mental health issues

A friend of mine was struggling with anxiety and depression yet was mocked for it in school. He was often asked when he was going to "try jump off ...

OPINION | Our youth don't need role models like Robbie Malinga Jnr

Giving Robbie Malinga Jnr a reality show is just 'too much!'

Who died and made the celebs president?

Dear celeb, please leave politics to the politicians.

OPINION | Is SA's problems because we don't see other races as 'dateable'?

Stereotypes about dating over the colour bar is holding us back as a nation.

I wept for Winnie and felt like I was at war with my own tribe

I am white and I am mourning Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

If Black Panther was a moment for all of Africa, was I included?

Seeing myself, a white guy, in Black Panther