Cape Town launch of ‘The Lost Love of Akbar Manzil’ by Shubnum Khan (May 15)

Join Shubnum Khan in conversation with Mohale Mashigo at the Book Lounge for the Cape Town launch of her second novel

EXTRACT | ‘The Near North’ by Ivan Vladislavić

Minky goes to the mall for essential supplies and comes back alarmed.

Joburg launch of ‘The Hidden’ by Fiona Snyckers

Join Fiona Snyckers in conversation with Gail Schimmel at the Joburg launch of 'The Hidden'.

Joburg launch of ‘The Near North’ by Ivan Vladislavić

'The Near North' is a vivid account of life in Johannesburg in times of crisis.

EXTRACT | ‘To My Sisters’ by Renée Kapuku and Courtney Daniella Boateng

‘Sisterhood’ has long been used in feminist rhetoric as one of the greatest devices women have in our arsenal in the fight against sexism, sexual ...

EXTRACT | ‘The Ghost of Sam Webster’ by Craig Higginson

Writer Daniel Hawthorne is packing up his mother’s house in Johannesburg when he hears about the disappearance of Sam Webster, the beautiful daughter ...

Unscripted, unapologetic: Robert Marawa broadcasts his story

Sport is what happens — you can’t script that.

Read the prologue to Sue Nyathi's 'An Angel's Demise': A woman's journey to ...

'An Angel’s Demise' is a saga that explores a contested legacy and the heart-rending destiny of a family.

EXTRACT | ‘Return to the Wild’ by James Hendry

'Return to the Wild' is an amusing, engaging and heartfelt read.

EXTRACT | ‘The Elephants of Thula Thula’ by Françoise Malby-Anthony

The joys and challenges of a life dedicated to conservation are vividly described in The Elephants of Thula Thula.