WATCH | Craig Higginson discusses 'The Book of Gifts'

Part psychological thriller, part murder mystery, 'The Book of Gifts' takes us on a dangerous and unforgettable journey

Launch: 'The Book of Gifts' by Craig Higginson (March 10)

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Fiction Friday | 'Reggie & Me' by James Hendry

‘No, nkosana, there is no story today. Today Nelson Mandela is coming out from the jail.’

Prim and plain, the middle sister finally finds her place in the world

'The Other Bennet Sister' shows another side to Mary

Story of an odd child growing up in scary, turbulent SA

This is the tale of Hamish Charles Sutherland Fraser – chorister, horse rider, schoolboy actor and, in his dreams, 1st XV rugby star and young ...

Tuck into an unforgettable journey

From the award-winning author of 'The Dream House' and 'The White Room' comes Craig Higginson’s most riveting and ground-breaking novel to date

Medical examiner Laurie Montgomery turns to DNA tracking to catch a killer

New York Times bestselling author Robin Cook takes on the ripped from-the-headlines topic of using DNA tracking to catch a killer in Genesis, an ...

Exploring the ties that bind

Emma Donoghue’s bestselling 'Room' was a novel filled with almost unbearable tension, but here, in 'Akin', the pace is slower and the aim is much ...

WIN | Six of the best isn't always a punishment

One lucky reader could win six of Pan Macmillan's best 2019 titles!