Patrick Bulger is an experienced journalist and editor. He has worked as Sunday Times assistant editor and Business Day executive editor, among other positions.

PATRICK BULGER | ‘Culture’ is now the last refuge of a scoundrel

Culture drives modern history and is behind much of what is happening in the world today, writes Patrick Bulger.

PATRICK BULGER | Budget only kicks SA growth and debt cans down the road

The raid on the gold and foreign exchange fund is easy money, but  steps need to be taken to boost SA’s economy, writes Patrick Bulger.

PATRICK BULGER | The more the ANC changes, the more it stays the same

Zuma may not like the Ramaphosa ANC, but it’s wasting the years just like his ANC did, writes Patrick Bulger.

PATRICK BULGER | Doc, the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone

I don’t want to see a doctor ever again — and I insist on choosing the doctor I don’t consult, writes Patrick Bulger

PATRICK BULGER | Reviled or respected, he foresaw a new world order

Kissinger alienated many around the world — especially in Kampuchea and Chile — but he was also the architect of détente with Beijing and Moscow, ...

PATRICK BULGER | Gaza revisited: Israel’s harvest of hatred

This past weekend’s Hamas attacks are a brutal reminder that time does not always heal

PATRICK BULGER | Fraction friction: traffic wardens trapped in policy fog

SA's employment equity legislation is good on paper but will hardly be welcomed by those who are told to curb their ambitions if the percentages keep ...

PATRICK BULGER | Spier of the Nation: debt-ridden state drowns its sorrows on ...

As Treasury reads the state the riot act on spending, SA must contemplate an austere future. Will a commitment to cost-cutting be worth the paper ...

PATRICK BULGER | The Sputla Shuffle: a dancing comrade’s one step forward, two ...

As load-shedding is stepped up, our electricity minister appears unmoved, except on the dance floor, where he is the picture of abandon

PATRICK BULGER | Crude Cut: a short back ’n sides for SA

Donald Trump provided the template for populists to capitalise on the old political order’s alleged failure to deliver on its promises. At home, ...