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Patrick Bulger is an experienced journalist and editor. He has worked as Sunday Times assistant editor and Business Day executive editor, among other positions.

PATRICK BULGER | Smelting point: zama zamas, crime, immigration and the ANC

After 1994 we threw open our doors to all-comers; now we’ve had enough they must all head back to where they came from

PATRICK BULGER | Fiddler on the roof: Ramaphosa’s solar power to the people

Does the president’s energy speech mean goodbye Eskom and hello sunny days?

OBITUARY | The parallel lives of Jessie Duarte and the ANC

ANC struggle veteran Jessie Duarte’s death this week elicited  praise and eulogising for a woman who had been at the centre of our politics for 25 ...

PATRICK BULGER | Bittersweet symphony: Nathi puts oompah into orchestral ...

The minister of arts and culture has shifted his focus from vexillology to keeping things classical

PATRICK BULGER | People’s power: will constituencies save democracy in SA?

Proportional representation was supposed to reflect our demographics, but now we’re all powerless except for the people at the top

PATRICK BULGER | Shut up already: silence, ministers talking power to truth

Apparently in some circumstances and some Eastern Cape villages, it’s not at all rude to tell someone to ‘shut up!’

PATRICK BULGER | Automatic for the people: how protest became the way we roll

This is not a sign of a vibrant democracy, but of a government with a tin ear

PATRICK BULGER | Born Free: youth deserve better than hollow promises of freedom

If we really cared, we’d require them to help make SA better. Instead, we leave them to their own devices as we dress up neglect as virtue

PATRICK BULGER | Eish and eina: Ryanair’s Afrikaans test casts awkward ...

In its haste to disown Afrikaans, state skirts broader point about the confusion and wastage from our official-language choices

PATRICK BULGER | The Sting: BEE is too important to be left to the ANC alone

BEE should be accepted as a constitutional imperative for the good of all and not a gift to be handed out to enrich the few