EDITORIAL | Afrikaans is a cultural celebration of SA’s diversity

The Constitutional Court has rightfully handed Afrikaans a lifeline to continue as a language of learning at Unisa

EDITORIAL | New bill a much-needed antidote to tense employer-employee relations

Pay transparency should foster the trust needed for engagements to succeed under Companies Amendment Bill

EDITORIAL | Sexual predators at schools must be named and shamed

Including their names on the child protection register so they can’t work with children again is not enough

EDITORIAL | Red list? It’s starting to look more like a blacklist

The UK seems to have unbanned just about every country except SA from its Covid-19 list

EDITORIAL | The state capture inquiry has been expensive, but important

The commission has done great work in exposing the scale of corruption. Let it complete its work

EDITORIAL | When growing vegetables to help others is unlawful, something is ...

In this climate of unemployment and poverty, punishing people for kindness and goodwill is absurd

EDITORIAL | Stop using cheap tricks to score political points, politicians

Some politicians are giving credence to the anti-vax brigade instead of incentivising people to get jabbed

EDITORIAL | Fifa Club World Cup offers a chance for return to normalcy

Opportunity is knocking on SA’s door and we must take it, as long as we do it safely

EDITORIAL | Politicians must listen to what we need, not tell us what we want

The recent riots and looting have shown that small deeds by individuals can make a difference

EDITORIAL | Rewards, not penalties, will be more effective for vaccine drive

With the vaccine rollout starting to stutter, the way in which we engage people to come on board will be vital