William Gumede is an associate professor at the School of Governance of the University of the Witwatersrand and author of South Africa in Brics: Salvation or ruination? (Tafelberg). He is also the executive chairperson of the Democracy Works Foundation.

WILLIAM GUMEDE | It’s an election year, so our public finances will only get ...

Post-election South Africa is headed for new burdens from the expansion of the ANC’s patronage system, writes William Gumede.

WILLIAM GUMEDE | New Arab powerhouses know ‘it’s the economy’

Many of the rising Arab economies, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, have been relatively silent on the war in Gaza as they ...

WILLIAM GUMEDE | Zuma and MK party could be kingmakers in KZN

New political parties established outside the ANC family and factions are in danger of being publicly overshadowed by potential coalitions and ...

WILLIAM GUMEDE | The political curse of the commander-in-chief

Parties with a single dominant leader, such as the EFF, condemn themselves to disappearing at the same time their leader does, writes William Gumede.

WILLIAM GUMEDE |  The triple evils pushing us towards doom

Public servants, in their own self-interest, should be doing more to fight corruption, incompetence and populism, writes William Gumede

WILLIAM GUMEDE | If SA is not careful, it’s next in line after Argentina’s ...

Unless South Africa deals with poor governance, corruption, populism, and imprudent policies, inflation will soar

WILLIAM GUMEDE | Currency crooks a gift to anti-business lobby

The commercial banks, the Reserve Bank and the Competition Commission should be more proactive in responding to the angry public fallout over ...

WILLIAM GUMEDE | Elections in Madagascar reflect a volatile political climate

President Andry Rajoelina has been voted in for a third term, amid accusations voting irregularities and violence

WILLIAM GUMEDE | One-personality parties sure to flop in next year’s polls

To unseat the ANC, opposition parties need to form robust coalitions, writes William Gumede.

WILLIAM GUMEDE | Only ending corruption can fix the fiscus

Corruption is the biggest line item in South Africa’s budget, but may not be formally reflected, writes William Gumede.