South Africa YOUR COVID-19 QUESTIONS ANSWERED | I still have Covid-19 symptoms after isolating for 10 days- are my ...

The NICD says it is safe to return to work if your fever, among other symptoms, has improved.

South Africa YOUR COVID-19 QUESTIONS ANSWERED | When was the last global pandemic and how long did it last?

Swine flu (H1N1 flu) was the virus responsible for the last global pandemic before Covid-19.

World Did Novak Djokovic really pose a health risk in Australia?

No. But the government has risked stoking fears it needs to dampen and eroded its case for a strategy change

News SA’s new infection control plan must be put into action ... fast

Experts say a lack of dedicated IPC specialists, a field ‘not recognised as a speciality in Africa’, is putting lives ...

South Africa COVID-19 WRAP | SA records 4,597 new cases and 86 more deaths

Coronavirus live updates

South Africa YOUR COVID-19 QUESTIONS ANSWERED | Do I have malaria or Covid-19?

Here's how to differentiate between malaria and Covid-19.

World Omicron a ‘welcome’ variant, says Bolsonaro amid surge

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said the omicron strain that’s causing a surge in Covid cases at home and abroad ...

South Africa YOUR COVID-19 QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Can the Covid-19 vaccine cause throat cancer?

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center said "none of the vaccines interact with or alter your DNA in any way, and ...

News Covid-19 ill-health leave cost the state R14bn, says Ayanda Dlodlo

Between March 28 2020 and October 31 2021, 881,152 employees used normal sick leave and incapacity leave

South Africa YOUR COVID-19 QUESTIONS ANSWERED | I'm not sure if I have Covid-19, should I stay home or can I go out?

The NICD says Omicron may make it harder to differentiate between flu, the common cold and Covid-19.

South Africa COVID-19 WRAP | UK acted unlawfully with 'VIP lane' for lucrative Covid-19 PPE contracts

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News Health department open to talks on allowing more fans in stadiums

Spokesperson underlines that the department only has the power to make recommendations