Bathi Indoda ayikhali, really?

09 June 2011 - 14:30 By Emmah Mabye

Here was a woman whose smile teased my mind/ And the very presence of her being brought an essence to mankind which my heart could not weigh/ As cliched as it my sound I'd seen my destiny in her eyes.

I felt I was always gliding on the smooothness of her voice but

there was a certain apprehension in that delicate voice of hers this one time

when she broke the news to me

But my euphoria quickly overlooked it;

All I could picture and dream of was the thought of seeing. touching and playing with the replica and extension of my being.

But my dreams were disrupted by reality





It took she and I to sow life into her womb

But she and her democratic right brought an abrupt end to a life which hadn't even started to give it's first cry of freedom.

It took one moment to create,and yet another unforeseen moment to destroy.

Is it better to have never seen or

To have seen and loose sight of what you saw?

Would her mind have changed had her eyes beheld what science can't duplicate naturally

but was natural for man to appreciate?

Bathi indoda ayikhali

But how else should one express the thoughts of the first fruits of SHATTERED fatherhood?