Since when is transporting ministers an emergency?: iLIVE

12 October 2011 - 12:35 By Andries van der WALT from RANTJESFONTEIN

It is very difficult to see how any person can take the reasons put forward by Khanyile to support the use of blue lights and that the VIP members were expected to do anything to protect their masters seriously. Including the killing of innocent people?

And since when is transport a MEC or Minister a case of an “emergency” that gives the drivers the right to break the law?

And Khanyile claims, the driver of the blue lights vehicle was very tolerant of the Mazda. Given the number of crimes that have been reported by “blue light” gangs, it is no wonder that other drivers are sceptical about cars with “blue lights”.

Looks like the Ministers and MEC’s are pretty paranoid about the high crime rate in the country and therefore need all the protection it takes no matter if it causes the lives of innocent people.

The fact Khanyile can not justify is that the so-called “warning shots” directly led to people being killed. Just as the prosecution of the two policemen who pulled over Winnie Madikezela Mandela’s speeding vehicle can not be justified since they were, like the drivers in this case, only doing their job and trying to ensure the safety of other road users.

The fact of the matter is that Khanyile and his VIP squad are nothing but a bunch of road bullies. He does not seem to care about the fact that four people died and two were seriously injured.