Blade, let's be blunt: the media have got it right: iLIVE

06 November 2012 - 02:09 By Sipho K Chipiwa, Linden
Blade Nzimande. File photo.
Blade Nzimande. File photo.

Blade, Blade, Blade. The criticism against the ANC, Zuma and the spineless tri-but-don't-succeed alliance is justified ("Nzimande says the media are against Zuma's government: report", November 2). The only thing you have perfected is corruption and inept leadership.

Is the daily circus that some people call parliament just there for comedians' and cartoonists' daily bread?

Blade, the media are calling it like it is. You are just worried that you and your rapidly dysfunctional party are reaching their sell-by date.