No, Malala, JZ can't take the blame alone: iLIVE

05 December 2012 - 02:44
By Phumlani Mpanza, Centurion

Justice E Malala believes the ANC is "diseased unto death" (December 3). He has numbered the days of the ANC.

Is this prediction factual, objective and worth his salt? Malala has allowed his deep-seated individual personal preferences to infiltrate our information space at the expense of objectivity and honesty.

In his controversially crafted analysis, Malala seems hellbent on placing all the country's woes and misfortunes at the door of the president. Malala, just like the rest of South Africans, is protected by the constitution and afforded his fair quota of freedom of expression.

It has never been the proficiency of journalists to predict the lifespans of political organisations without providing sound empirical evidence attesting to such claims. President Jacob Zuma cannot be the determining component of the future of the ANC. He is part of a collective and a loyal cadre of the movement.