This country needs heroes and our school produces them: iLIVE

16 February 2013 - 17:15 By Gareth Ruh

On Tuesday, February 12, nine boys were struck by lightning on the cricket field at King Edward VII. I was witness to these events.

We all love to jump on the band wagon and complain about our country, its education system and its youth, however, Tuesday showed the positive side of all three.

Once the 9 boys had been struck, I saw the most incredible acts of bravery and camaraderie come to the fore.

Young men of 14 to 18 years of age, risked their own lives and were carrying peers off of the fields and out of danger. Other young men with the aid of a few brave educators were administering medical care and beginning CPR.

Parents came out of nowhere to assist where they could. A young man who had been struck himself, was carrying a fellow team mate from the fields while his own nose poured with blood. Two teachers risked their own lives to save the lives of their pupils.

So yes, this country does have problems. But, on Tuesday I realised that we need to focus on those members of our society who do things for the right reasons. Those young men clearly teach because they love the profession and care beyond their own safety for their pupils.

They are such good role models that they have instilled similar values in their pupils and it was all there when it counted in a life and death moment. In the words of one of King Edward's famous sons Hugh Bladen "This country needs heroes and our school produces them." Strenue!

Furthermore, the Millpark hospital dispelled myths of the ludicrous behavior of private hospitals by covering the costs in full for one of the critically injured boys who could not afford healthcare. Thank you to the Head of the Millpark Hospital and all the staff concerned, you are an inspiration and an example to the country.