Pan Africanists need to become techno-savvy: iLIVE

22 February 2013 - 02:53 By Lonwabo Busakwe, Khayelitsha
PAC president Letlapa Mpahlele. File photo
PAC president Letlapa Mpahlele. File photo

Once at the forefront of the struggle and influential in the liberation of South Africa, what went wrong for Pan Africanists?

The Pan Africanist Congress, Azanian People's Organisation and the Socialist Party of Azania fought for a united, non-racial and progressive South Africa. They believed blacks were capable and could achieve great things on their own.

Little can be said about the current leaders of these parties. They are not visible and do not inspire confidence.

It worries me to see these once power-houses dying a slow and silent death.

They must unite and find modern ways to appeal to the electorate. I would like to see PAC president Letlapa Mpahlele create more room for debate and engagement.

Other leaders must have a platform from which to sell their ideologies and policies. These days we have powerful tools like Twitter and Facebook, which I know President Jacob Zuma uses.

Pan Africanists must remember that we live in a technology dominated world, and that the youth is sophisticated and educated.

I am inspired by the African People's Convention's Themba Godi. He is a visible player in the political arena.

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