ANCYL needs sub-editors - read their statement on Paris attacks: iLIVE

18 November 2015 - 15:33 By Mlondi Mkhize
ANCYL logo. File photo
ANCYL logo. File photo
Image: SUPPLIED / JacarandaFM

The Afican (sic) National Congress Youth League  condemns in strong terms the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris, France.

The ANCYL calls on the international community to isolate these terrorist groupings across the globe.

We call on all states to take up an active fight against these terrorist groupings. Whilst the ANCYL condemns these attacks, it notes the manner in which global community has responded to them.

The ANCYL is concerned about how people have reacted to these attacks whilst many attacks of similar nature have occurred in other countries, the international community did not give them the coverage and condemnation they have given to the attacks in Paris. We as the youth equally condemn this selective reaction and mourning of human life.

It is our strong[ly] held view that all lives are equal regardless of country of birth and economic-social status a person and country might enjoy in the globe.

Whilst we condemn what is happening in Paris we equally condemn in [the] strongest terms the violent terrorist attacks that are taking place in Isis (What?).

We call upon the BRISA (who?) to offer the necessary support to put to halt the situation there. We equally call on the international community to condemn that situation as they have done with Paris (Again, what?).

We call on those responsible regardless of who to be isolated from the international community.

-Mlondi Mkhize is National Spokesperson of the African National Congress Youth League