LETTER | Take advantage of our skills, don’t just show us the door

Nearly 200,000 Zimbabwean nationals are totally insignificant to the more than 60-million citizens in the country

18 August 2022 - 08:05
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It is regrettable to note that the government has decided to let go of Zimbabweans, particularly Zimbabwe exemption permit (ZEP) holders. One of the reasons expressed is to try to create jobs for locals.

While the creation of jobs for South Africans is needed, how it is done leaves a lot to be desired. Indeed it is the mandate of the government to create jobs but not by killing the job system already in place.

The government must realign its policies to attract investors, promote entrepreneurship, curb corruption and take advantage of the skills possessed by Zimbabweans and other foreigners.

There are engineers, architects, boiler makers, lecturers, technicians, doctors and teachers, only to name a few, among those with ZEP. These are positively contributing to the development of SA at large.

No country would want to lose such skilled people. The US and many other developed countries have grown by taking advantage of the foreign skilled labour force. After all, nearly 200,000 Zimbabwean nationals are totally insignificant to the more than 60-million citizens in the country.

Many SA children so far have benefited a lot from Zimbabwean teachers. One cannot compare a small salary to a lifetime of wealth created and invested in the populace by Zimbabweans.

The problem of unemployment is directly linked to policy,  lack of security within the country and corruption. If ever the government is to fix this red tape surely SA will become great again. 

Dr Tonderai Manyau

North West

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