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Navigating the two-pot retirement system

While you've probably heard about the new retirement fund rules government will be implementing from September 1, you might not be clear on the finer details. Don’t stress: Old Mutual has got you covered with this comprehensive guide

01 July 2024 - 00:13

What's the rationale behind the two-pot retirement system?

The two-pot retirement system aims to provide a solution for South Africans who struggle financially due to a lack of “rainy day” funds.

By dividing retirement fund contributions into two pots — a savings pot and a retirement pot — this system is intended to help people preserve and grow their retirement savings, while at the same time giving them access to a portion of those savings for emergency purposes.

According to the Treasury's estimates, fewer than 6% of South Africans can afford to retire comfortably — and one of the main reasons for this is people cash out their pensions when changing jobs. The new system will remove the ability to do so.

Beyond the basics

Let's find out more about two-pot retirement system and how it affects you


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While the two-pot retirement system gives you the opportunity to access some of the money in your savings pot for emergencies, doing so will ultimately have an impact on your retirement savings.

It's a good idea to speak to your financial adviser to fully understand this impact before making a withdrawal.

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