WATCH | John Cena announces 2025 retirement from WWE

10 July 2024 - 13:49
By Innocentia Nkadimeng
WWE superstar John Cena said WrestleMania 2025 will be his last.
Image: WWE UK/ X WWE superstar John Cena said WrestleMania 2025 will be his last.

WWE superstar John Cena's announcement at the weekend that he will retire from wrestling soon has left some of the show’s fans heartbroken. 

In a heartfelt speech, Cena said he would stop wrestling in 2025.

“I officially announce my retirement from the WWE. The 2025 Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber will be my last. The 2025 WrestleMania will be the last WrestleMania I compete in,” he said in a quavering voice while addressing the crowd.

The 47-year-old wrestler and actor is a 16-times WWE champion and has been with WWE for more than two decades. 

His announcement was met with a lot of “boos” from the crowd, but it later erupted into chants of “thank you Cena, thank you Cena”.

Cena showed up wearing a T-shirt with “The last time is now” written on it. He thanked his fans, the company, and the WWE superstars.

“I want to say thank you. What an incredible gesture of kindness. Thank you so much for letting me play in the house that you built for so many years. Thank you so much for always cheering with your loud voices and your honesty because it is beautifully brutal.”

He said to his fellow WWE superstars: “If you want some, hurry up and come get some because the last time is now.”

WWE superstar Phillip “CM Punk” Brooks said Cena made a huge impact in his career.

“Cena means a lot to my career. If you talk about my career, you have to talk about Cena. It makes me feel proud. I’m always going to be tied to Cena, we are married in that respect. I’m proud of him. He gets to go out on his terms, I know that is important. I’m looking forward to what he does, and I told him that if it is going to be one more time, we have to do it at least one more time,” he said.

WWE chief content officer and head of creatives Paul “Triple H” Levesque thanked Cena for his contribution to WWE.

“John’s contribution to the business is second to none. John has had an unbelievable career, and I’m proud to have seen it from the beginning.

“Personally, I want to say thank you to John for everything he has done for the WWE, for all the superstars, and for what he has done for sports entertainment, pro wrestling and all of it in general. A while ago he was being called the greatest of all time. I believe he truly is, so thank you John.”

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