Commute like a king in the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman S600 ... if you have R10m

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20 August 2019 - 07:06
The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman S600 (X222) was made famous by Steve McQueen and Bruce Willis.
Image: Supplied/Gumtree The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman S600 (X222) was made famous by Steve McQueen and Bruce Willis.

Are you the president of a large company, or possibly a country?

The Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman could be just the ride to head up your entourage.

For sale on Gumtree is this black 2018 model with just 1,500km on the odometer and a price tag of R9,999,999.

If you find a regular S-Class a little small at 5.1m long, and the longer Maybach version still a little underwhelming at 5.4m, the 6.5m Pullman is a stretch limousine that offers all the leg room a captain of industry or rock star would ever need.

Travel first class in the largest and most opulent Mercedes-Benz yet, as you put your feet up in electrically-powered lazyboy rear seats with a heating and massaging function.

Powered by a 6-litre turbo V12 engine with 463kW, the extra-large limousine will whisk you swiftly and silently between appointments as you sit in leather-clad opulence. The rear seat entertainment system includes a TV, DVD changer and Harman Kardon surround sound.

There’s a small fridge for the champagne, complete with flutes to sip it from.

A Magic Sky Control panoramic roof uses SPD-SmartGlass technology where, at the push of a button, the tint of the glass instantly changes from blocking more than 99% of incoming light to going significantly clearer than an ordinary sunroof. This creates an open-air feeling and also reduces heat inside the vehicle. 

The vast list of standard luxury features includes electric sun blinds on the rear doors, folding tables in the back, a head-up display, ambient lighting, illuminated door sill panels, and soft-close doors.

The ultimate Benz also rides on air suspension and Active Body Control, which keeps the big car wafting along in regal comfort but keeps the handling sharp in corners. It reduces body roll by up to 45 percent when cornering at speed.

There’s a 360-degree camera and Active Park Assist to help the chauffeur (not included) squeeze the extra-long limo into bays, and this top-of-the-range Maybach also comes with built-in security including underbody protection and run-flat tyres.

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