LISTEN | PODCAST – Tune into Cargumentative Episode 11

Sunday Times motoring journalist, Thomas Falkiner, brings you Cargumentative – a MultimediaLIVE podcast about all things automotive

30 January 2019 - 17:16 By Thomas Falkiner

Join Sunday Times motoring journalist, Thomas Falkiner, on Cargumentative: a sometimes-pugnacious podcast about all things cars and motoring. Resident guests include fellow enthusiasts Mark Poluta, Mike Salomon and Nadav Ravid.

Expect spirited banter about everything from general car culture and classics right through to new releases and industry news.

In Episode 11 – Back to the grind – the boys return to the air with their first podcast of 2019. In it they talk about the divisive new Toyota Supra and choose what new car they’d park inside their respective garages if somebody gave them R700k – there can only be one. They also share their favourite driving routes in and around Johannesburg.