PODCAST | We talk spinning with Vernon 'Veejaro' Hendricks

16 September 2020 - 18:03 By Motoring Reporter
2019 SA spinning champion Vernon 'Veejaro' Hendricks.
2019 SA spinning champion Vernon 'Veejaro' Hendricks.
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In this episode of Cargumentative Thomas Falkiner, Denis Droppa and Brenwin Naidu are joined in the virtual studio by SA spinning champion Vernon “Veejaro” Hendricks.

Veejaro talks about the culture of this uniquely home-grown motorsport, how he got into it and what it's like to compete in events like the Red Bull Shay 'iMoto.

The gents also talk about the latest automotive news and what they've been driving.

Sit down, plug in and gear up:

Note to listeners: The 2020 Red Bull Shay 'iMoto is happening on September 19 at a closed (due to Covid-19) arena in Johannesburg. You can watch it live here.

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