INTERVIEW | Five questions with Shay’ iMoto champion, King Katra

16 October 2020 - 11:02
Winner of the 2020 Red Bull Shay’ iMoto championship, King Katra.
Winner of the 2020 Red Bull Shay’ iMoto championship, King Katra.
Image: Supplied

Winner of the 2020 Red Bull Shay’ iMoto championship, King Katra, tells us about his recent victory.

Congratulations King. What’s next for you?

I think now, I would like to build myself and my brand. I hope that winning this show will attract more opportunities for me to showcase my talent and do what I love. I would also like to help the youth that wants to join or show them that there’s more to life than just the normal, like drinking and smoking, you can actually make it by doing what you love.

Tell us about the set-up of the car used for the event?

The car I’m using is an E30 BMW 1982 model with a Lexus V8 engine. We had to add additional things to the car so that I can do my stunts and I’m able to get out while the car is still in motion.

King Katra during his winning run.
King Katra during his winning run.
Image: Supplied

What did you admire about your competitors this year?

Everyone was focused and determined, they gave their A-game with every practice session and at the main event. There was a lot of positivity in the air and that also helped me to stay in my element and be positive on whatever happens.

Tell us what you did differently, what secured your victory?

I did every practice run, every obstacle to the best of my ability. I remained calm in situations I would’ve stressed myself out and I prayed. I pushed myself more than I usually do. I also had a huge support system behind me, which also had a great impact on my mindset.

How did you prepare (physically and mentally) before the competition?

I made sure to remind myself that there’s no-one else who can pull this off but me. I have to trust myself more than anything because it was stressful for me entering such a huge competition. I made sure I become my own best friend and motivate myself, no matter what the outcome is. I kept my thoughts healthy and left negativity one side.