WATCH | This is what a burnout looks like in infrared

29 November 2021 - 10:44
By Motoring Reporter

Burnout videos are all the same, right? The driver enters the arena in a powerful car and proceeds to turn expensive tyres into a cloud of acrid smoke through liberal use of the loud pedal. Yeah, we've seen it all before. This one, however, is refreshingly different. 

Australian UAV operator Queensland Aerial used a drone fitted with a thermal-imaging camera to film the 2021 Rockynats Burnout Competition and the results are strangely hypnotic as the technology lets you track the tyres' invisible heat signatures on the asphalt. It's almost like an accidental form of automotive abstract impressionism. 

Artistic qualities aside, this thermal trickery also cuts out the smoke so you can actually see more of each driver's run. Maybe we'll see this tech at the next Red Bull Shay' iMoto?