LISTEN | This is what the new Toyota Supra sounds like

20 December 2018 - 16:49 By AFP Relaxnews
The new Toyota Supra wrapped in camouflage
The new Toyota Supra wrapped in camouflage
Image: Supplied

On Wednesday, Toyota posted a video just a half of a minute long featuring the growl of the 2019 Supra's straight six.

As the world is patiently waiting – some of us not-so-patiently waiting – for the reveal of the 2019 Toyota Supra, the company continues to feed us more teasers, and, this time, we got far more than words and camouflaged images.

In the 30-second long video that Toyota uploaded to its European YouTube channel, we got half of a minute of pure Supra engine sounds accompanied by some blurred imagery of the bright red model sans camo.

Chief engineer Tetsuya Tada indicated back in July that the new Supra holds true to its characteristic inline six-cylinder engine (the same as BMW's new Z4), which is reiterated in the video. He also confirmed that, like previous models, the engine that is mounted up front powers the rear wheels.

The video goes on to confirm the engine's 3-liter capacity, but we still don't know the horsepower; reports say that it's somewhere above 260kW. The Z4 puts out 254kW, though that model is definitely designed more as a leisure sportscar than a hardcore performer like the Supra is turning out to be.

Unfortunately for Toyota and perhaps fortunately for us, the Supra's exterior was leaked just last week, so even though the clip shows a fuzzy silhouette, a clear shot is already circulating.

Toyota's new video concludes with the date and location for the unveiling of the car: January 14 at the Detroit Auto Show. Just a couple days later, though, the 001 model is heading to the auction house in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you can't make it out to either, you can always settle for the Supra's signature camouflage in the form of very limited-edition holiday wrapping paper; after all, it's for a good cause