McLaren teases another new Longtail model

10 January 2019 - 19:59 By AFP Relaxnews
A teaser pic of the fifth new McLaren Longtail model
A teaser pic of the fifth new McLaren Longtail model
Image: Supplied

On Wednesday McLaren saturated all its social media accounts with teaser images and videos of the upcoming Longtail, scheduled to make its debut January 16.

This week McLaren announced that the next Longtail will be unveiled next week. We've been provided with videos, close-up pics, and even a couple specs to hold us over until Wednesday when the model, likely the 600LT Spider, comes out to play.

Last year, the 600LT coupe was launched, so it's only natural that the topless version will be arriving soon if the company follows the release pattern seen with the 675LT.

Like the 720S, this model will be announced under the Track25 business plan, a McLaren initiative designed to turn the company's lineup completely hybrid by 2025.

The car that will be unveiled next Wednesday will be the fifth to carry the LT name and, like the others, it will be available in extremely limited quantities with production running for just 12 months.

Shockingly enough, this LT hasn't yet reached its capacity in purchase requests like other McLaren models often do before they publicly debut, therefore, you better start pinching your pennies now. The 675LT Spider had a price tag of $349,500, so adjust your budget accordingly.