Nissan unveils luxurious IMs Concept at Detroit Auto Show

15 January 2019 - 14:39 By AFP Relaxnews
Nissan IMs Concept
Nissan IMs Concept
Image: Supplied

After debuting the newer, longer range 2019 Leaf e+ at CES last week, Nissan brought a luxurious electric sedan concept to the Detroit Auto show to show off the company's plans to provide high-performing, premium vehicles in the EV era.

Nissan debuted its newest concept model, the IMs Concept, in Detroit on Monday, representing the company's pure electric future with impressive range, full drive autonomy, and, last but not least, an innovative new seating arrangement.

Beneath the sleek and futuristic light-up body of the EV is a high-performance AWD system powered by a pair of electric motors. With one placed in the front and and the other in the rear, the overall vehicle weight is distributed fairly evenly resulting in improved traction and cornering performance.

These dual electric motors produce 360kW and 800Nm of torque, while the 115-kWh battery provides a range up to 610km. The Leaf e+ only has a 62-kWh battery capable of 363km on a single charge which, granted, is impressive by the standard of today's models currently on the market.

The interior is covered in gold and "liquid metal" accents inspired by the Japanese kimono to further emphasize the company's Japanese roots. The cockpit features a variety of "driver-assistance technology and multi-level information displays," allowing the driver to remain fully connected while watching the road.

While driving in autonomous mode, drivers can choose to relax in the "Premier Seat," the center position in the vehicle's 2 + 1 + 2 seating architecture. The seat "appears out of the three-across rear seat after the slim outboard positions are folded," so when you're no longer responsible for driving, you can instead sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of a life-size virtual avatar.

In a huge step a bit ahead of its time, Nissan demonstrated its intention to put a 3D holographic avatar in the vehicle to help you drive and who knows what else. We'll have to wait and see.