Lexus wants to add F-performance to its crossovers

30 January 2019 - 08:56 By AFP Relaxnews
Lexus could be developing an F-branded crossover.
Lexus could be developing an F-branded crossover.
Image: Supplied

During a media event preceding the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona sports car endurance race, the VP of Lexus product planning and strategy revealed that the company is considering bringing the high-performance F-badge to crossovers and SUVs.

On Monday, according to Motor1, Lexus Executive Cooper Ericksen announced that the company has been actively toying with the idea of bringing a crossover or SUV into the F-performance world.

In fact, executive VP and chief engineer of Lexus UX Chika Kako went as far to say that "the brand's smallest crossover ‘has potential' to join the F family as a high-horsepower gasoline electric hybrid," but they're still weighing whether or not on-road performance is more valuable than off-road performance.

Considering that this new genre of model would compete against the likes of the BMW X2 M35i or Mercedes GLA45, there's a great deal of power that Lexus would have to bring to the table, considering that the most recent UX luxury crossover has a 120kW while the BMW and Mercedes iterations measure up to 228kW and 280kW, respectively.

Then again, Ericksen simply stated that this potentially F-branded SUV or crossover is just the subject of "active conversation;" the F nomenclature may be reserved for Lexus coupes and sedans.