Fiat unveils affordable, highly customisable electric concept vehicle

Centoventi represents the future of Fiat's electric urban vehicles

06 March 2019 - 18:55
By AFP Relaxnews
Fiat hopes its new Centoventi concept vehicle will be a game-changer in the electric vehicle market.
Image: Fiat Fiat hopes its new Centoventi concept vehicle will be a game-changer in the electric vehicle market.

Fiat on Tuesday unveiled a new concept to celebrate its 120th anniversary: the Concept Centoventi, a model that's "affordable but cool".

Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the highly customisable electric vehicle's battery, bumper, roof, external wrapping and wheel covers can all be changed, depending on your mood.

The Centoventi not only represents the future affordability of Fiat's electric urban vehicles; the company also claims that it is "the market's most affordable electric mobility solution" with a worthwhile range.

To accomplish this, Fiat designed the concept to be modular and extremely customisable. Batteries can be swapped for those with a higher or lower range, and owners can choose from four different open roofs (which can be closed with a cap), four bumper styles, four external wrapping options, and four wheel coverings.

In addition to being able to update or change their model's exterior body components, owners have an additional 120 vehicle accessories to choose from - a number representative of the company's history.

Apart from the bumpers, roof, livery, instrument cluster, batteries and digital tailgate, the rest of the swappable components and parts - all of which have been designed by Mopar - can be bought online and fitted by owners in the comfort of their own driveway or garage. Some accessories can even be 3D-printed in the owner's home.

Other interior components can simply be "plugged in", meaning that Centoventi parts (like the dashboard, for example) have "small holes into which a multitude of additional components, of any shape and function, can be fitted". This is thanks to a patented interlocking mounting system that works rather like Lego blocks.

The seats are upholstered in a soft-to-the-touch plastic that is anti-microbic, UV-resistant, washable and comes in any colour you want, including metallic or pearly sheens.

As standard, the Centoventi is powered by a battery with a 100km range. However, there are three other battery options available that increase the range by 100km. The maximum range possible with the model is 500km.

This model is Fiat's cheapest battery electric vehicle (BEV). The company promises it will be "the easiest to clean, repair and service, with a lower risk of damage and even lower total cost of ownership".

The Fiat Centoventi is currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show fitted with a multitude of red customisable parts.