BMW teases iNext with photo of its massive curved touchscreen

Munich's upcoming EV takes the world of automotive infotainment to a whole new level

29 May 2019 - 18:37
By AFP Relaxnews
BMW has given us a glimpse of the upcoming iNext's curved touchscreen display.
Image: BMW BMW has given us a glimpse of the upcoming iNext's curved touchscreen display.

BMW has published an image of its upcoming EV, the iNext, which will feature a curved touchscreen display that spans the width of the cockpit.

In a teaser published on Tuesday, the company revealed that the iNext will feature a digital touchscreen display unit on the dash that spans from side to side and is curved towards the driver. The unit will serve as the instrument panel, control display and infotainment system, all in one.

From the driver's and front passenger's point of view, the display looks to be floating, as the components connecting the screen to the dash are not visible, giving it a "modern, luxurious and generous sense of space," according to the company's head of design, Domagoj Dukec.

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Although BMW is not the only company with eccentric touchscreen designs, it may be the first to put one in a commercially available model.

In March at the Geneva Motor Show, Kia debuted a concept EV with 21 ultra-HD displays fanned across the dash - apparently poking fun at the automotive industry's current obsession with putting screens anywhere and everywhere.

A few months earlier at CES 2018, Byton unveiled an electric concept not with many displays but with one massive, 49-inch, dash-wide screen, along similar lines to the interior design of the iNext.

The BMW iNext will launch in 2021 and is set to serve as the company's automotive technology flagship.