Volvo unveils its new all-electric XC40 Recharge

17 October 2019 - 18:15 By AFP Relaxnews
Volvo has unveiled the fully electric XC40 Recharge SUV.
Volvo has unveiled the fully electric XC40 Recharge SUV.
Image: Supplied

Volvo has officially launched its very first EV line and its very first EV: the XC40 compact SUV is the first member of the Recharge family.

Following in the footsteps of all its closest competitors, Volvo on Wednesday unveiled its first fully electric vehicle, the XC40 Recharge, the first member of its first exclusively electric vehicle line. 

To add to the firsts surrounding this launch, the XC40 is also the first of the brand equipped with an Android-powered infotainment system – it's better late than never.

This premiere has been coupled with an announcement by the company about their plans to launch a fully electric car every year "with the rest hybrids." Recharge will be the name encapsulating all the brand's electrified vehicles.

Starting in 2020, those who visit Volvo's website will first be greeted with a question asking them whether they want an EV or not. In the same year, the company aims for plug-in hybrid sales to make up 20% of their total sales.

In terms of vehicle specs, the XC40 comes with a range of over 400km and a powertrain that puts out a total of 304kW and 660Nm of torque. In 40 minutes, the battery can charge up to 80% from empty.

Google's Android infotainment system is integrated with Volvo's own on-board connected service platform Volvo On Call, a feature that helps owners remotely control their car and give them information about it like fuel range, temperature, and maintenance needs.

Though the price has not yet been announced, it is expected to start between $50,000 and $60,000 (R740,257 and R888,303) based on comments made by the company's CEO.

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