World premiere of new Volkswagen Golf 8 is days away

On Thursday, October 24, Volkswagen will finally unveil the eighth generation of the Golf hatchback

22 October 2019 - 20:57 By AFP Relaxnews
Volkswagen teases the 2020 Golf 8 ahead of its October 24 premiere.
Volkswagen teases the 2020 Golf 8 ahead of its October 24 premiere.
Image: Supplied

Since the model's conception back in 1974, the Volkswagen Golf continues to live on and, on Thursday, the eighth generation of the 45-year old hatchback will make its world premiere.

The latest teaser image of the model, one of its backend, shows how the rear light has shrunk down compared to the face-lifted 2017 Golf, though the bulbs appear to retail a similar shape. Apart from this image, only broadcast information has been shared about the premiere.

Previous teasers published by the company throughout this year, however, give us an idea of what the model will look like inside and out. Design renderings of nearly the entire exterior have been shared, as have obscured images of the high-tech cockpit. According to the head of Volkswagen's compact series, Karlheinz Hell, "the Golf 8 will carry us into the digital age".

Though the seventh-generation iteration of the model will be the final to be available in the US, this upcoming Golf will go on sale in Europe at the end of the year. The world premiere of the Golf 8 will be broadcast on October 24 at 6pm CEST.