Meet the Mazda MX-30, the brand's first all-electric production car

23 October 2019 - 16:00 By AFP Relanews
Mazda has unveiled its first EV, the MX-30, at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Mazda has unveiled its first EV, the MX-30, at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Image: Supplied

Mazda officially revealed its very first production electric car on Tuesday at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, complete with a set of swanky freestyle doors.

For those looking for an eco-friendly driving experience rather than simply a vehicle to take them from one place to another, Mazda created the all-electric MX-30, the first production EV ever launched by the brand.

While some EV manufacturers make performance the focus of their electric cars, Mazda's first one tugs at customers' emotions and senses. According to the company, the MX-30 has been designed for those who "desire a life with things that soothe and please the spirit," who have "the wisdom and inventiveness to take problems facing people, society and the earth," and who "wish to create good times together with the people around them and with people all over the world".

This model has been based on what Mazda calls a "human modern" design concept, which melds functionality with simplistic and open styling.

"Freestyle" outward-opening doors open the vehicle up as a base camp to relax in the park, allowing owners to watch movies outside with friends or to share a meal together with a breeze blowing through the cabin.

In terms of tech, the MX-30 is equipped with a touch-panel heater control, seven-inch touch panel and new electric drive technology. This e-Skyactiv powertrain purportedly enables seamless transitions between longitudinal and latitudinal G-forces to make the vehicle's behaviour and responsiveness feel natural.

Complementing the vehicle's human-focused design, the MX-30 is equipped with a handful of driver and passenger safety technologies to keep all travellers safe. The brand's Smart Brake Support feature now has a Turn-Across Traffic function, which prompts the vehicle to automatically brake when it detects a potential collision. Additionally, owners will benefit from a Road Keep Assist and Blind Spot Assist, among other safety features.

Mazda is yet to announce the official release date and price of the model, but both are expected to be revealed soon.