Tesla electric ‘cybertruck' pickup to be unveiled on November 21

07 November 2019 - 16:23 By AFP Relaxnews
Tesla's 'cybertruck' with be unveiled in just a few weeks.
Tesla's 'cybertruck' with be unveiled in just a few weeks.
Image: Supplied

After announcing the vehicle years ago, Elon Musk on Wednesday revealed in a tweet that the “cyberpunk” Tesla pickup truck will be officially unveiled on November 21.

Over the years, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has not been shy about talking up the company's very first pickup truck; he's described the model as “futuristic-like cyberpunk,” “an armoured personnel carrier from the future,” “heart-stopping,” and “the coolest car [he's] ever seen.” After all this hype, Musk announced on Wednesday that the time has finally come: The “cybertruck” will officially be unveiled on November 21 in LA.

Accompanying the tweet published by Musk on Wednesday revealing this information was a clip of the opening titles of “Blade Runner,” the movie that seems to be one of Musk's primary design inspirations for the vehicle. In terms of design, the best look Musk offered was published back in March; however, the image of the truck is too obscure to make sense of even at this point.

In the past, Musk has revealed a handful of specs about the cybertruck including its starting price of about $50,000 (roughly R736,817), distance range up to 800km, and a dual motor all-wheel drive with “crazy torque & a suspension that dynamically adjusts for load”. It's expected to have power outlets integrated into the body that can power heavy duty power tools without a generator.

In any case, the entire vehicle and any variants will finally have the wraps taken off in just a few weeks. Considering Musk's tweet history, it's likely to best take his publications about the specs with a grain of salt. The official details will be unveiled on November 21.