Land Rover announces pricing for new Defender in SA

16 March 2020 - 12:52 By Motoring Reporter
The new Land Rover Defender.
The new Land Rover Defender.
Image: Supplied

Land Rover SA on Monday revealed pricing for the new Defender 110, set for local launch in June, and opened order books for the short-wheelbase 90 body design, due for arrival later in 2020.

Since its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019, Land Rover SA has experienced remarkable interest in the new 4x4. More than 12,000 South Africans have configured a vehicle on the Land Rover website and more than half of those chose one of the four accessory packs. 

The Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban packs give the new Defender a range of distinct personalities. For the Defender 110, the pack, which includes a bright rear scuff plate, an integrated air compressor, portable rinse system, a seat backpack and a spare wheel cover, has been the most popular choice among configurations that included an accessory pack in SA.

The 110 and 90 body designs will initially be available with a range of efficient yet powerful engines, including a D240 diesel and a P300 petrol. The range-topping model at launch will be a P400 straight-six petrol, with mild-hybrid (MHEV) engine technology.

Trim levels for both bodies comprise top-of-the-range Defender X models, as well as Standard, S, SE, HSE specification packs. An exclusive First Edition model features a unique specification and will be available throughout the first year of production.

The iconic 4x4 embraces 21st-century technologies and introduces Land Rover’s Pivi infotainment, which features an intuitive interface and backup battery for always-on responses. Advanced software-over-the-air updates ensure customers benefit from the latest software at all times, wherever they are in the world.

New Defender 90 Pricing:

Defender 90 177kW D240 Standard: R958,500

Defender 90 177kW D240 S: R1,007,000

Defender 90 177kW D240 SE: R1,070,700

Defender 90 177kW D240 HSE: R1,167,100

Defender 90 177kW D240 First Edition: R1,152,700

Defender 90 221kW P300 Standard: R961,915  

Defender 90 221kW P300 S: R1,010,415

Defender 90 221kW P300 SE: R1,074,115

Defender 90 221kW P300 HSE: R1,170,515

Defender 90 294kW P400 Standard: R1,091,683  

Defender 90 294kW P400 S: R1,127,083

Defender 90 294kW P400 SE: R1,185,783

Defender 90 294kW P400 HSE: R1,282,183

Defender 90 294kW P400 First Edition: R1,267,783

Defender 90 294kW P400 X: R1,499,983

New Defender 110 Pricing:

Defender 110 177kW D240 Standard: R1,009,626

Defender 110 177kW D240 S: R1,053,426

Defender 110 177kW D240 SE: R1,110,126

Defender 110 177kW D240 HSE: R1,209,326

Defender 110 177kW D240 First Edition: R1,210,126

Defender 110 221kW P300 Standard: R1,013,421

Defender 110 221kW P300 S: R1,057,221

Defender 110 221kW P300 SE: R1,113,921

Defender 110 221kW P300 HSE: R1,213,121

Defender 110 294kW P400 Standard: R1,142,809

Defender 110 294kW P400 S: R1,178,209

Defender 110 294kW P400 SE: R1,237,709

Defender 110 294kW P400 HSE: R1,334,109

Defender 110 294kW P400 First Edition: R1,323,809

Defender 110 294kW P400 X: R1,511,809