The new XM is going to be the most powerful BMW ever

16 May 2022 - 18:06
By Motoring Reporter
The XM will be the most powerful production BMW model ever made.
Image: Supplied The XM will be the most powerful production BMW model ever made.

BMW has dropped some tasty technical nuggets on its soon-to-be-released (but still heavily camouflaged) XM SUV that has apparently just finished its final tuning process. 

The most powerful production BMW ever made and only the second car to be designed by the firm's M Division — the M1 being the first — this sporty new flagship will hit the tarmac with a newly developed 4.4l twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine paired to a hybrid electric drive system for a claimed total output of 480kW and 800Nm of torque. This is distributed to all paws via a hybrid-specific M xDrive four-wheel drive system. BMW hasn't released any performance figures but expect it to be impressively quick. As the XM is a plug-in hybrid it also offers up a useful pure-electric driving range of around 80km. 

On the chassis front, this brute of an SUV sports 50:50 weight distribution and Adaptive M Professional suspension as standard. The latter is fitted with model-specific springs and electronically controlled shock absorbers. The M Division engineers have also equipped the XM with a new electromechanical roll stabilising system with 48-volt technology that allows for infinitely flatter handling characteristics through high g-load corners. This is complemented by Active Roll Comfort and Integral Active Steering. Finally, a bespoke brake system is also included as are M lightweight alloy wheels up to 23-inches. 

“With the debut of the BMW XM at the end of our anniversary year, we are looking into the future, where BMW M will continue to break with conventions and push boundaries,” says Franciscus van Meel, chair of the BMW M board of management.

“Electrification gives us new opportunities to demonstrate that unmistakable M feeling in a fascinating way and transfer it to the road. Regardless of their drive technology, our performance and high-performance cars will continue to possess an unmistakable and authentic M character in the future.”

According to BMW, production will commence in December 2022.