Elon Musk approves Tesla Model Y for production

The company's first crossover will be available from 2020

25 October 2018 - 18:36 By AFP Relaxnews
Tesla Model Y teaser
Tesla Model Y teaser
Image: Tesla

In 2020, we can expect a new Tesla crossover according to Elon Musk himself.

Despite not revealing the final prototype to the public, Tesla CEO Elon Musk approved production of the elusive Model Y crossover in a conference call discussing the company's third quarter financial results, according to Electrek. The vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled in March of next year.

In 2016, the prototype of the most recent Tesla model, the Model 3, was revealed but not officially released to the public before undergoing a few additional modifications. While the unveiling of the Model Y is a bit atypical, what we'll see in March will probably be really close to, if not exactly the same as, what customers can expect to drive in 2020.

Over the past year, Musk has been revealing bits and pieces of information about the Model Y, though we still know close to nothing. We've seen job postings for the Model Y project and teaser images that are shadowy and indiscernible depictions of the vehicle that's predicted to be some type of hatchback. The most notable (and basically only) information we gain from the teaser images is that there are no side mirrors.

Having no side mirrors is a growing trend in the world of concept cars that will surely make it to road-safe vehicles sooner rather than later. Both BMW and Audi have designed models that feature cameras instead of mirrors, and the latter is expected to hit the market early next year. The Model Y, however, doesn't even appear to have a camera extending from the car -- we see nothing but the contour of the body in the teasers.

At any rate, we'll soon know more about the vehicle in just a couple months if all goes according to plan.