Volvo is exhibiting an idea – not a car – at the 2018 LA Auto Show

22 November 2018 - 13:53 By AFP Relaxnews
Not a car
Not a car
Image: Supplied

A car will not be center stage at the Volvo stand in LA next week; instead, where an impressively new car would typically stand, visitors will be introduced to the company with an art piece that states, "This Is Not A Car."

Volvo is using this opportunity to share the company's interpretation of the future of automobility, "so instead of bringing a concept car, we talk about the concept of a car," SVP of Product Strategy and Business Ownership Mårten Levenstam explained.

Alternatively, Volvo will be bringing a collection of interactive demonstrations illustrating automobile connectivity services like in-car delivery, car sharing, and autonomous driving. Vehicles are no longer just a means of transportation, but also a source of services; Volvo has specifically partnered with tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Nvidia as well as with tech startups like Luminar and Zenuity to expand its connectivity profile.

As the auto industry evolves in a more sustainable direction, Volvo recognizes that customers will be experiencing a long series of transportation changes; with these changes, though, comes technological opportunities as well. As cars go electric, they can also become more connected, hence why Volvo decided to demonstrate futuristic concepts rather than show them in a motionless display vehicle.

The LA Auto Show opens November 30. You can head over to the Volvo booth for more information about where automotive technology is heading.