WATCH | Road fail: 7 times bad drivers were caught on camera

28 December 2018 - 08:00
By TimesLIVE

From road rage to just sheer bad driving, here are seven times bad drivers were caught on camera.

'What a legend!' Biker praised after standoff with taxi driver goes viral

A minibus taxi driver (video above) flagrantly driving into oncoming traffic to avoid peak hour congestion, was stopped in his tracks by a motorcyclist in Bryanston‚ Johannesburg.

The defiant minibus driver was traced by police and arrested.

The motorcyclist‚ who captured his stand-off with the minibus driver using a helmet-mounted camera‚ received widespread praise from fed-up motorists after uploading the footage to YouTube.

Car wash employee ploughs customer's car into traffic

Think you've had a bad day? Well, this car wash employee probably had it worse when he lost control of a vehicle that proceeded to plough into traffic.

CCTV footage captured the chaos that unfolded in Walvis Bay, Namibia, in July. According to the Namib Times, the employee was trying to reverse the Toyota Fortuner from the drying station to the polishing station but lost control. The Fortuner can be seen reversing at high speed into the intersection, crashing into a car and bakkie before hitting a building. 

Taxi ploughs through Engen Quick Shop

A minibus taxi burst through the glass doors of a convenience store at a petrol station in Khayelitsha‚ Cape Town‚ forcing customers and staff to run for their lives. Fortunately‚ nobody was killed in the crash.

Truck driver's attempt to overtake leads to deadly head-on collision

A truck driver was killed and his assistant seriously injured after their truck collided head-on with another truck between Kriel and Bethal in Mpumalanga in October.

The accident was caught on the four different cameras on one of the trucks, which show different angles of the outside and inside of the vehicle.

Motorcyclist confronts driver after taxi sideswipes him

A motorcyclist took a fall at about 80km/h after being side-swiped by a minibus taxi who had jumped a red traffic light in Northriding‚ Johannesburg. After being tossed off his motorcycle, the biker runs up to the minibus taxi‚ stopped at a nearby traffic light, and knocked on the driver's window.

Fists fly in violent road-rage incident on Joburg highway

An undated video showed what appeared to be a road-rage incident on the Rissik Street off-ramp from the M2 highway in Johannesburg. In the footage, two men are seen fighting on the bonnet of a vehicle as onlookers try to separate them. 

Angry customer smashes his new Porsche 

A businessman in Taiwan took extreme measures to show his unhappiness when the car he ordered was delivered without the optional extras he had asked for. Video footage shows the customer smashing his Porsche Cayenne through the glass doors and slamming into the front desk.

After smashing through the dealership's entrance, he told the shocked staff he would not be paying what he owed for the car and demanded his deposit be returned.

Instead, the man was arrested by police.