Is it a car? Is it a robotic spider?

Hyundai is literally 'walking' into CES 2019

04 January 2019 - 10:48 By AFP Relaxnews
A rendering of the Hyundai Elevate that will be at CES 2019
A rendering of the Hyundai Elevate that will be at CES 2019
Image: Supplied

We're no stranger to the unique concept vehicles that show up at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year; it's not very often, though, that a company creates a completely new vehicle category to show off like Hyundai plans to this year.

On Thursday Hyundai announced that the company will be using next week's CES 2019 to present a robotic EV prototype that will "take people where no vehicle has been before."

To satisfy this claim, Hyundai developed Elevate, a vehicle with four robotic legs complete with wheels as feet to drive, walk, and even climb across and over treacherous terrain.

From the image provided, the vehicle's legs look to have a nearly full range of motion which allows it to be stable on rocky terrain. To simplify, the EV, intended by Hyundai to "redefine our perception of vehicular mobility," looks more like a four-legged spider with a couple extra joints in its extremities than an ATV.

Elevate will be featured during Hyundai's CES 2019 press conference on Monday January 7 at 3pm