'Invisible' caravan eradicates reversing blues

Amazing XtraVue camera system makes your caravan or boat see-through while towing

11 January 2019 - 14:06
By Phuti Mpyane
The view of several external cameras is spliced into a single
The view of several external cameras is spliced into a single "see through" view on a cabin screen. Picture: SUPPLIED

Towing capability is among the first most sought-after perks for many a bakkie and SUV owner and if you were on the roads during the recent holiday break, you’d have seen the plentiful SUVs and bakkies towing all sorts of appendages.

If that was you, then you are well aware of the challenges with rear vision when pulling a boat or caravan. It’s never a thrilling affair, more so if you have to reverse into a bay or launch.  

Enter French technology company Valeo which says with its latest camera-based system which is being showcased at this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, you don’t need to fret about the prospect of bumping into things nor do you need an extra pair of eyes to guide you.

The system is called the XtraVue Trailer system and it renders the caravan see-through to the driver. It works by having several cameras mounted on both the vehicle and the item being towed, with the camera feeds combined into a single image onto a display screen inside the cabin, much like the latest reverse-camera displays found on today’s high end cars.

Voila, the combined image makes whatever is being towed invisible. XtraVue is useful in monitoring happenings behind the lugged boat or caravan, also assisting with blind spots for overtaking manoeuvres.

Valeo hasn't said when its concept see-through towing system might be available for sale.